Welcome to our farm. We are located in east, central Illinois right off of I-70. We are 30 minutes south of Hi Point Genetics. We are a 4th generation family owned operation. We currently have 30 sows, consisting of Berks, Chesters, Durocs, Hamps, Polands, Spots, and Crossbreds. If you are looking for great 4-H or FFA projects, open gilts, bred gilts, or even boars, give us a call, we have it all.

Our goal is to breed sows to farrow and produce highly competitive showpigs. Farm visits always welcome, call in advance. showpig.com

Recent show winnings:

  • 3rd place Hamp Gilt 2011 NSR Extravaganza, out of a bred gilt purchase
  • Champion Hamp Gilt 2011 World Pork Expo
  • 5th overall Spot Gilt 2011 World Pork Expo, out of a gilt from us
  • $6,000 Class winning Spot Boar 2011 CPS Summer Type Conference, out of a gilt from us
  • $2,500 popular Spot Gilt 2011 CPS Summer Type Conference
  • Class 1 winner, Hamp Gilt 2011 NJSS, Sold in dam, purchased in Hi Point Bred Gilt Sale
  • Champion Barrow, Clark County Fair

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Sires Used for 2018 crop
Two Tone
Paint It Black

Just One More
He Is What He Is
Eye Of The Storm

Hi Water
Blind Ambition
Keep Sake
The Click
Fear This
First Aid
Up Draft

Full Throttle
Fast N Loud

Power Wagon x Ox
Bred by Bennett’s, IL
HOOSIER is simply the heaviest muscled, biggest loined, widest chested duroc boar that we have seen, that can walk on all fours, the way Duroc hogs are suppose to walk. Undoubtedly the most Popular Duroc Boar at the 2010 Indiana State Fair. He was also the $22,000 Top Selling Duroc Boar. Analyze his pedigree. This pedigree combines Pi R Square, Total Juiced, and Smooth Move on the Sire side of the pedigree. Thus providing him with an abundance of muscle mass in one package. On the bottom side of the pedigree, is Ox. Which provides him with his structural correctness and base width. A proven pedigree, inside this unique herd sire, Hoosier! Use Hoosier if you are looking at adding mass, volume, structure, and muscle. Join the Hoosier Hysteria today!

Merit Badge 32-2
UB the Judge 3-3 X Real Appeal
Price per Dose: $100.00

Breed: Hampshire
Bred by: Matt Merritt
Owned by: PSSS, Fecke, & Bennett

The Reserve Champion boar at the 2009 Illinois State Fair and our pick of all of the boars that hit the state fair circuit! Sire is a littermate to Judgment Day. Monster belly and foot-size. Big topped. Great wheels. Every Hampshire breeder needs to sample this guy! Sired 5th overall Hampshire Gilt at 2010 WPX Jr Show! Out of a bred gilt from us.

Rampage 6-11
Double Stuff X Home Brew
Price per Dose: $100.00
Breed: Spot
Bred by: Greg Hartman
Owned by: PSSS, Planalp, Matt Miller, JR Reid

$13,000 Champion Spot boar at 2010 SWTC! Monster bone & body! A wide, square built chassis are the foundation for this boar. Great on his feet and legs. Stress Carrier. Out of a bred gilt from us.

SBP0 Balance Sheet 4-5
Banknote X Atom Bomb
Dam is littermate to Champion Bred gilt at 2009 Team Purebred Bred Gilt Sale.

Champion Herdsman Boar at 2010 STC. Thanks to Center Prairie Genetics; Mills Bros, Ill.; and Nathan Arnholt, Ind.

SBP0 Ramp It Up 19-5
Rampage X Home Brew
Dam is littermate to the mother of Rampage.

Thanks to Center Prairie Genetics and Resler Spots, Owatonna, MN for their 2011 Southwest Type Conference.

Class Winning Hamp gilt 2021 Indiana State Fair
Mate to Louisville Gilt


Reserve Champion Berk Boar 2021 Indiana State Fair
Bulletproof X Main Attraction

Captain Benny
Thanks to Knauth/Olson Sires for your Purchase


Res Champion Poland Boar at Duncan 2020
Thanks to Hi Point

Popular $6,500 Hamp Gilt Louisville 2021
Thanks to the Danner Family for your purchase

3rd Overall Spot Gilt Indiana State Fair 2020
Hollywood Blvd x Colonel
Congrats to the Belt Family


Class Winning Duroc Boar NSR Midwestern 2020
Above All x 38 Special
Thanks to Mid Atlantic Semen for your purchase

High Placing Poland Gilt
Ft Worth and San Antonio 2020


Reserve Poland Gilt
San Antonio and Ch Poland Gilt at Belton 2020

Res Hamp Gilt
SE Regional 2020


Champ Hamp Weanling Male 2019 NSR Fall Classic
Danger Zone X Reach, Dam raised Champ Hamp gilt in 2018 

Champ Hamp Weanling Gilt NSR Fall Classic
Date Night X Reach


Congrats to Caleb Hurst on your
class winning Gilt at the 2018 Illinois State Fair.
Two Tone x Main Attraction (OYE gilts dam)

Congrats to Greg Hartman on his
$5,000 Top-selling spot boar 2018 Swtc.
Dream Big x Loudmouth dam was bought from us.


Congrats to the Crick family on their
Ch Poland barrow at 2018 Indiana State Fair. Flatliner x Masterplan. Dam was bought here.

Congrats to Michelle Noggle on her
High Placing gilt at NJSS and STC.
Eye of the Storm x He's the One


Congrats to Michelle Noggle on her
many time Champion Spot Barrow this Summer.
Full Throttle X High Life

3rd Overall Hamp Gilt and High Selling Hamp Gilt
2018 Field of Dreams Pig Sale


Reserve Champion Hamp Gilt
2018 NSR Extravaganza

Congrats to HL Gibson on their Champion Hamp Gilt at the 2017 Fall Classic, sired by Zeke, purchased from us at Indiana State Fair 2016.

Thanks to HL Gibson for your purchase of Zeke from us in the back of the barn at the 2016 Indiana State Fair.

Congrats to the Reeves Crew on their Champion Poland gilt at the State Fair of Texas 2017.
Her Sire was purchased from us at Summer Type Conference 2016. He was a Full Circle X Like No Other

Champion Poland Boar 2016 NBS Selling for $11,000 to A Cut Above Sires
Dam was Purchased here by the Webster Family

Class Winning Gilt at Swtc in Belton, 2nd at Ft. Worth, and 3rd at San Antonio
SBP Storm Chaser X Like No Other
Congrats to Billy Schares and Family

$3,250 Champion Hamp Gilt at the 2017 Field of Dreams
Reserve Overall Gilt at the Futurity Show and 2nd at Illinois State Fair
On Point X Point Maker
Congrats to the Fanning Family  

3rd Overall Berk Gilt at 2017 OYE
Target Practice X Main Attraction
Congrats to the Trevor Stelzig and Family

Champion Hamp Gilt at the Du Quoin State Fair 2016
Carry On X Point Maker
Congrats to Jenna Flood and Family 

Congrats Powell Family
Champion Duroc gilt at 2014 Georgia National
and 22 time Champion on the Georgia Show Circuit.
Mammoth X The Beast

Congrats to Michael DuBois/Josh Horton
Res Poland Gilt 2014 San Angelo
Nom Nom Nom x Bravo
Dam was purchased from us

Point Maker 72-7 x Open Range
Purchased from Dan Burzlaff  Indiana
Mate to $12,500 boar sold to Fecke
Farrowed a real nice Jan litter of No Points

Shameless- $57,000 WPX Boar,
grandam was purchased from us.

Texas Hamp barrow- Reserve Hamp barrow at
Travis County Livestock Show

Popular Hamp Gilt Georgia Show Circuit 2014
Connor Cleveland
Point Maker x Unreal

Reserve Poland barrow
Missouri State Fair 2014
Master Plan x Wildfire

Popular hamp gilt 2014 Georgia show circuit
Powell family
Ballpark x Point Maker

Point Maker x Down Home
SW Regional grand barrow 2014
Beard family
Sold in dam as a bred gilt

WPX 14 Gilt- Thanks to Pink Genetics
for their Purchase.

No Point, Thanks to Hi Point Genetics for their purchase of our Bush Hog X Tiger Blood Son at 2014 Indiana State Fair. Dam is a sister to Tiger’s Dam

“Tiger” Point Maker X Tiger Blood purchased at Duncan 2013 by Jim Grimm, sired the $9,500 Champion boar at Duncan 2014 for Grimm

The Beast was Champion Duroc Boar at
2012 Indiana State Fair

Popular Hamp Boar 2012 Indiana State Fair
Long Time Coming X Harley's Littermate

Popular 2nd Place Duroc Gilt at 2012 Indiana State Fair
Red Dirt X Hoosier's Dam
Grandam to the $57,000 Shameless at Crossroads.

Champion Hamp Barrow
5th Overall at 2012 White County Ind Shown
by the Chitty Family, Home Boy X Unreal

Reserve Champion Cross Boar 2012 Illinois State Fair.


Champion Duroc Gilt
2012 Hi Point Customer Sale
Red Light X God’s Gift

Reserve Champion Chester White Gilt
2012 CPS Extravaganza

Reserve Champion Chester Barrow
2012 CPS Extravaganza

Congrats to the Carl Hannon Family for selling an $1800 hamp gilt online this spring out of a bred gilt purchase from us at the Hi Point bred gilt sale last winter

$2,400 STC Gilt
Sold to Brandon Ogle.

Red Light at Hi Point

Champion Hamp and $3,600 High Selling Gilt
2011 World Pork Expo

5000 Real Appeal at Hi Point
Grandsire of Unreal

Second Place Hamp Gilt
2010 Indiana State Fair

$8500 Res. Champion Hamp Boar
2010 SWTC
The Real Deal
Out of a gilt from us!
Thanks to Kilmer Swine Farm for their Unreal X Sweet Tea!

Popular show gilt at 2010 STC. Thanks to the Corya Family; IN for their purchase. S&L X Home Brew, Dam is littermate to the dam of Rampage and raised Ramp It Up.

Poland Gilt was my $2500 Champion Bred Gilt at 2009 Team Purebred Bred Gilt Sale: Thanks to Bill Tucker IA.

The Hamp Gilt was my $4250 Bred Gilt at the 2009 Hi Point Genetics Bred Gilt Sale: Thanks to Henry Homen, CA

Top Selling Gilt at 2009 Southwest Type Conference. Maximus X Home Brew

Champion Hampshire gilt at the 2008 Georgia National show, congrats to the Alan Mitchell Family

2007 Indiana State Fair Senior
Champion Boar and $30,000 top-seller
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